Monday, April 21


We're gonna work backwards.

These were written during Mr. Alex Spare's First Period AP English class on Thursday, April 26th, 2007.
While Spare was bobbing his head and asking permission, I was feeling pensive and my mind was a racin'

Naps are my favorite
My arm and face are now red
I want more sleep, Mraw!

Pleasures of the flesh,
Fleeting, often without love.
Is that all there is?
[Please! Can't there be more?]

Pleasantly, oh, yes!
we would lay together; peace.
Love me honestly.

Fire burns 'neath my flesh
life is nothing; lost and found.
Jessie, you smell bad.

Carnal needs unmet,
dangling herself over me.
Not even she knew.

'else is there to life?
Lovepassion, pleasuresin...
Over there! The sounds.

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