Wednesday, July 16

homerun stunner


homerun stunner
makes the houses light
up when
a guitar dog to the
left licks the ground.

Chorus cliche
with spice and phoenix,
ampersands and cashews
in a tin for the man
to my left.

Useless news for sour goes,

Dad, pleased to meet you.
I know you know, but
wipe your face.


The sky pops in my head,
what was I?

Hello again, Popadoobop.


Yellow lines swirl the long mural.
illegal phoenix at the foot of his feet and we’re

drunk on high
about an hour I think.

A wrong misplaced sliver under the mouse’s
beard, long hair for
something like that.

Practicing black light shadows
he says slowly
"I love her and it scares me."


is what you make.
It's yours.

Lamb’s lungs swing
notes in iambic meteors.

I knocked his pipe on the rot iron and he hacked something
big and meaty in his throat
but he shows me
axioms on her body, across her arms.

A year or two
of temporary and (but mild) recurring depression of
what is me?

A good time to move on, I think.


Yelling through lines and clicks

conscientious, self conscious
stream of consciousness.

I got three dogs fuck.
No such thing as a double hallucination,
just throwing that out there,
he thought,
recording his voice through
his mind.


Peace's echo
finds its way in
the blank valley
in your beating head.

You feel that?
that everything at the moving

Have a good night,
he forced a smile.

Form open to flow,

open awareness!
but awareness to what?
Pause for nirvana and
sleep some more.

Graffiti spells love
on walls,
tired evolution
erased natural selection.

Think of something major:

You cant show me sound, he thought.
Yes I can.

Feel your head on the acid
shock of iron
and your
feet say



Admitting truth to a strange friend
while closing your eyes
and thinking of your chipped tooth
and chapped lower lip.

"You too ?"


Don’t listen to depression
and breathe.

Drink from the earth
what the water can't give,
but refuse willingly.

Let's go to the atmosphere
knowingly going
into danger
but let's smirk with hidden tears
and step into infinity.

Good bye, maybe I'll tell
you the story.

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